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Welcome to the Birmingham Biomechanics Laboratory, led by Dr. Ziyun Ding. Our mission is to leverage cutting-edge measurement and modelling techniques to create patient-centered interventions and devices, aimed at enhancing the quality of life for people with disabilities.

Our Research

Project 1

We are working on advanced measurement techniques that use wearable sensors and smartphones to accurately track locomotion in real-world scenarios.

Project 2

Using patients' medical images measured in the field, we investigate skeletal muscle adaptation due to disabilities and its interactions with the production of locomotion.

Project 3

Our biomechanics model, using muscle-driven simulations, can predict the most effective interventions tailored to the patient’s unique needs in improving locomotion.

Project 4

We use various numerical optimisation algorithms to predict optimal muscle coordination for enhancing performance in specific locomotion tasks.

Project 5

Our study on biomechanical knee modelling won the Clinical Science Award, paving the way for improved clinical predictions of knee loading.

Project 6

Our clinical study facilitates the implementation of digital rehabilitative interventions by translating evidence-based positive research findings from our laboratory into clinical practice.

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Birmingham Biomechanics Laboratory
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